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The most responsive screeded underfloor heating system on the market

Underfloor Heating requires only low temperature warm water. When used in conjunction with an anhydrite flowing screed, the Flowmax underfloor heating system will be more responsive than any other underfloor heating system on the market.

How do Flowmax achieve a quicker heat-up time

We do this by installing a 20mm PE-Xa pipe which is a larger diameter pipe than most commonly used. The larger surface area of the pipe gives a greater rate of heat transfer. The larger pipe has less resistence to water flow, making the return water temperature closer to the flow water temperature achieving a higher mean water temperature across each circuit, enabling increased energy into the floor resulting in a quicker heat-up time.

Why other underfloor heating companies don’t use 20mm pipe

Other companies do not install 20mm pipe as the pipe requires hot laying and they do not have the equipment to do the installation this way. All our systems are installed using the hot laying method. Using our own equipment we circulate hot water through the 20mm pipework as it is being installed enabling the pipe to lay flat ensuring pipe surface conformity and uniform energy into the floor.

Sophisticated home-heating controls that put you in command, whether you’re home or away Heating and hot water acounts for more than 80% of your energy usage.

Smart Controls can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort. Control of the underfloor heating system can be set and maintained away from home using internet enabled app’s. Neo and SmartStat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it cozy for when you return.

Clip Rail System for Screeded Floors

Manual or Tacker System for Screeded Floors



• 20mm PE-Xa pipe

• Clip rail fixing system


• Ground bearing slab

• 100mm Insulation Celotex

• 50mm Anhydrite flowing screed

• 3mm Ditra matting

• 10mm 2 part adhesive bedding

• 10mm porcelane tile


• Heat source via Gas Boiler

• Constant water temp supply: 50ºC

• Outside air temperature: 7ºC

• Internal air temperature

- before heat-up: 14ºC

- after heat-up: 20ºC

• Time 57mins to raise air temperature by 6ºC

The above data was taken from a building that complied with 2017 building regulations