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Comfort, flexibility and low fuel costs

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Our Flowmax brand products are manufactured by us, using carefully more...

Underfloor Heating requires only low temperature warm water and when used in conjunction with modern condensing boilers, heat pumps and highly efficient control systems, the underfloor heating systems of today are extremely comfortable, flexible to operate and have low running costs.

Perfect Comfort

  • Research shows that the most acceptable indoor climate is one in which the floor temperature ranges between 19-29°C and the air temperature at head level ranges between 20 and 24°C, making underfloor heating the most effective way of creating an inviting and comfortable environment.

Reduced Heating Costs

  • Running costs are kept low with savings of up to 30% against conventional radiator based heating systems.

Enhanced design and interior decor flexibility

  • Radiators are no longer needed so giving more room space and freeing up walls for enhanced interior design flexibility.
  • Almost any type of floor covering including carpet, ceramics or wood can be laid on the installed underfloor heating system.
  • The heat is more evenly distributed throughout the building with no cold spots or draughts. And dust is not circulated.

Sophisticated environmental controls that put you in command, whether you're home or away

  • Control of the system can be set and maintained away from home using internet enabled desk top and lap-top computers, smart phones and tablets such as the ipad. More

Every installation we undertake includes:

  • Preparation of Quotation
  • Pre-Installation Visit
  • Underfloor Heating system design
  • Delivery of UFH system
  • 12 months Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Pipe Warranty
  • Customer Post Installation Visit

The experience and expertise for every project

Complete systems for any situation

Controls that put you in command

  • Individual area zoning for complete flexibility
  • Set programmes from your smart-phone or tablet
  • Stay in control home or away